To provide youth greater access to athletic-based team camps focusing on leadership, charity, dedication, and sense of duty with an end goal of motivating them to be better citizens of and contributors to our society.

Image About Barbershop
Image About Barbershop

Why We Started

As parents and coaches, we know first hand that extracurricular activities are an imperative part of adolescent development. In our experience, we found that many of the best activities that allow for the greatest development unfortunately require the largest financial commitment that many groups simply cannot afford.

We feel these development opportunities should be obtainable and attended by all walks of life. For this reason, we formed and now donate our time to BILT Foundation.


RAISED since 2018

The generosity of our donors is awe-inspiring. What we have been able to accomplish with them is unique.


Campers Paid For

We have directly impacted the lives of thousands and if you think about it, the indirect impact is unquantifiable.


Spent on Administration

With an all volunteer staff, you can expect that nearly all of your donation will go towards summer camp.

Volunteers only

With a 100% volunteer staff, we are able to accomplish more with the generosity of our donors than 99% of all other 501(c)(3) organizations. The only paid people that perform services for the foundation are a bookkeeper, a tax accountant, and an attorney. With such a small requirement for administrative funds, we are proud to spend over 98% of our expenses (after credit card donation processing fees) on the future leaders of our communities.

Image About BarbershopImage About Barbershop